Pasqua- Passione e Sentimento

I've loved doing the video blogs for everyone and keeping them (in theory) under a minute has been a great way to share some quick information on great finds in the wine world. The challenge with a minute is, well, a minute goes by very fast and I can't always get to everything I want to share. So, blog. I'll try to keep up here with post about not only the wines in the videos but whatever else I'm tasting...assuming its interesting. 

Today we start off with a fun red wine from the Veneto region in Northern Italy. Verona and Venice are the major cities you've most likely heard of in the region and for he poet at heart its tough to think of Verona, the "City of Love",  without thinking Romeo and Juliet. The label here is actually a picture from Juliet's Wall of Love where people (tourists) from all over the world come to leave love notes. Since it gets painted over all of the time the image on the bottle, taken in 2013, will never be seen again! 

The wine itself will be perfect for Valentines Day. a mix of Merlot, Corvina and Croatina these grapes are handpicked and then dried for right around a month. What that does is concentrate some of the sugars as the grapes lose water content and brings a nice touch of sweetness to the wine. I wouldn't call this wine sweet by any means but you really start to taste the fruit coming forward as a result of this drying process. On top of this, the wines are aged in Cherry wood barrels for 3 months, adding to the notes of bright red fruit that you get throughout the wine. 

This wine is so well balanced, even a dry wine drinker will find it enjoyable and interesting and if you are looking for a way to start exploring red wines this would be a wonderful way to start. Whats not to love?