Boomtown! (Because it's fun to say Boomtown!)

Sometimes you find a wine that makes you feel like you have to try it. A new region, a new varietal or in this case, a new name that is just fun to say. BOOMTOWN! There is a lot of marketing work that goes in to naming a bottle of wine...find a way to make you grab that bottle off of the shelf. Labels don't always tell the story of whats in the bottle or who is behind the wine making but with Boomtown there felt like a back story that deserved to be told. 

Starting a small business myself I have come to love stories about other people chasing their dreams. Boomtown wines from Dusted Valley aren't the result of big corporate dollars or market research. These wines are the result of two sisters and their husbands from Northern Wisconsin leaving the corporate world to go farm grapes and put great juice in a bottle. Dairy farmers and ginseng farmers, leaving the midwest for an explosive wine region and chasing their dreams. 10 years later Wine and Spirits magazine names them to their 2013 Winery of the Year list...Boomtown!

While the story and the label might be enough to grab the bottle off of the shelf, the wines that they make are fantastic and its this end result of their hard work that keeps you coming back for more. With a Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris under their Boomtown label I'll focus on the two whites. 

With vines that were only planted in 2003, the wines might tend to be young. This Chardonnay is aged primarily in neutral oak barrels to lend balance and structure without creating an oaky, creamy, butter bomb that you can get from using only new oak barrels. This Chardonnay is still very refreshing with wonderfully balanced acidity. A powerful hint of pear and lemon on the nose keep you coming back to the glass for more. 

The Pinot Gris is aged in stainless steel and provides a bright, crisp, refreshing wine that is a wonderful example of this varietal in the Pacific Northwest. Bright apple, tart tree fruit and a cleansing acidity allow this wine to be very drinkable year round. 

I'm going to be drinking these wines on the patio, on a porch, out of solo cups in a park from a bottle hidden at the bottom of a picnic basket. Overly buttery Chardonnays can be warming and embracing for cold winter meals but this one screams to be taken outside and enjoyed as a refreshment. These wines have summer written all over them.  With Dusted Valley I found some new wines and probably a new catch phrase as well...Boomtown!